Cafe Caspian


We have moved our menu

Our new location, Soltan Banoo, now serves our old menu as well as new dishes for dinner

Located at 4645 Park Blvd

San Diego, CA 92116


Soltan Banoo Hours Are:

Mon - Sat 11am-9pm

Closed on Sundays is under Construction, but will be available Soon...


We are working to bring Cafe Caspian back as a Tearoom and dessert cafe


Side Dishes

Hummus - Tasty dip of garbanzo beans blended with creamy sesame, lemon juice and garlic, served with pita bread. $4.95

With olives, garlic and herbs $5.95

Tabouli - Bulgar wheat, parsley and tomatoes with lemon juice and olive oil. $4.95

Baba Ghanoush - tasty blend of baked eggplant, tahini, garlic and lemon, topped with olive oil. Served with pita bread. $4.95

Dolmeh Rice and herbs hand wrapped in grape leaves, served with pita. 8 for $5.95

Mast o khiar a dip of plain lowfat yogurt mixed with cucumbers, walnuts, raisins, and mint, served with pita bread. $4.95



Green mixed salad - healthy spring mix greens with olives, tomatoes, walnuts and feta , with vinaigrette dressing. Sm $3.25 Large $4.95

Green chicken salad- healthy greens with Chicken breast, tomatoes, and feta, topped with vinaigrette dressing. $5.95

Vegan salad - mixed greens with tomatoes, olives, avocado and smoked tofu, topped with our delicious soy ginger dressing. $5.95

Middle Eastern green salad - Romaine lettuce with feta cheese, tomatoes, tabouli and dolmehs served with vinaigrette dressing. $5.95

Seasoned salmon salad seasoned smoked salmon over a salad of greens with feta, tomatoes and capers served with a ginger soy dressing. $7.50

Strawberry tabouli salad Refreshing summer salad of mixed greens, topped with tabouli, strawberries and pecans, served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. $5.95 Add chicken for $1.00


Daily Specials

Our soup, wraps and salads are served daily.

Ash anar (pomegranate soup) - A hearty mix of lentils, beans, wheat, spinach, and herbs cooked with pomegranate juice. Cup $2.50 Bowl $4.95 served daily in winter

Add a small green salad with special for \\$2.00


Fesenjoon (Pomegranate Stew) - boneless chicken mired in a bewildering brown puree of nuts and pomegranate served over Basmati rice. Chicken $7.95 Tofu $7.95


Zereshk Polo - Basmati Rice cooked with barberries (cranberry- like sour berries), honey, orange and carrot rinds, almonds, onions and saffron. Chicken $7.95 Tofu 7.95 


Curry - A delicious stew of curry, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and tomato, served with basmati rice. With tofu $7.95 Chicken $7.95


Ghourmeh sabzi A stew of kidney beans in a lemony slurry of parsley, scallion, and fenugreek, served with basmati rice. lamb $7.95 Tofu $7.95

Saturday & Sunday

Abgousht (Persian Stew) - a stew of lamb, chickpeas, potatoes, beans, tomatoes and dried limes for flavor, served with pita $6.95 add 1.00 for rice

Loubiah polo - Basmati rice cooked with chopped green string beans, tomatoes and spices. 

Vegetarian $7.95 Chicken $7.95


Koufteh-Berenji Exotic ball of basmati rice, fresh herbs, split peas, eggs, and onions slowly cooked with plums, these plums contains pits, please be careful!, raisins and walnuts in the center. (2)

lamb $8.50

Soup & Salad special cup of our popular pomegranate soup with pita, and a small green salad. $4.95

Middle Eastern platter Hummus, tabouli, dolmehs (4), small salad topped with feta and olives, served with pita \\$6.95

Salat olivieh A recipe of chicken, potatoes, eggs, green peas and pickles mixed with mayo and lemon juice, served with pita. $6.95


salmon wrap seasoned smoked salmon wrapped in a tortilla with hummus, tabouli, feta, mixed greens, tomatoes and our soy ginger dressing, served with chips $6.95

Middle Eastern chicken wrap Chikcen, hummus, tabouli, feta, olives, lettuce and tomato, wrapped in an herb tortilla and Served with chips. $6.95

Chicken wrap - Chicken, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Avocado and provolone cheese, wrapped in tortilla or croissant served with chips. $6.95

Falafel wrap Falafel patties, fried with eggs, wrapped in an herb tortilla with hummus (or mayo), rice, and a salad, served with mast o khiar & chips $5.95

Hummus wrap- Hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, tabouli, olive and feta, wrapped in an herb tortilla with lettuce and tomato, served with chips $5.50

Vegan wrap babaganoush, rice, mixed greens, tomatoes and avocado, served with tabouli $4.95

Mixed veggie wrap tofu, hummus, mixed greens, tomatoes, tabouli, avocado and sprouts topped with soy ginger or vinaigrette dressing. $5.95

Please call for our dinner menu


(please check our tea list on the back)

Hot Tea (cup) $1.75 Tea pot $2.65

Tea for two $3.95 (for each additional Tea, please add $1)

Iced tea $1.75

Chai $2.50 (please add 50c for soy)


Small $1.50 Md $1.75 Lg $2.25

Vietnamese Coffee $3.25

Espresso $1.50/additional shot 50c

Cappuccino $2.25

Mocha (please add 50c for soy) $2.95

Mexican Mocha $3.25

Latte (please add 50c for soy) $2.50

Hot Chocolate $2.00

Turkish coffee $2.50

Join us on Sunday mornings (10-1pm) for breakfast and Turkish coffee ground reading.

Coffee and reading $20