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Most of our jewelry are made in India and are  sterling silver with semi-precious    stones. 

There are some antique Persian pieces and we add new ones from time to time. 

We also display a few unique pieces from artists in Mexico. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

\$28 Moonstone # n015

\$28   Available in Onyx & Freshwater Pearl # n140


\$28  Available in Moonstone  or Garnet

# n147



Beautiful two stone pendant ($15) #n150
\$22  Huge Moonstone pendent with garnet drop # n153
$29 Accented Moonstone and Iolite necklace (sold out). Earrings $17.

Available in Periodot ($19)  #E12
Gorgeous labadorite earrings (\$22)
Moonstone drops (\$13)

Dangling periodot, garnet & amethyst (\$19)

sold out

Chic garnet or amethyst (\$12)